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Abs After 40 is a new fitness program released by a fitness trainer and health guru who is over 50. Mark Mcilyar has spent most of his life discovering and implementing fitness secrets. The fitness program is designed specifically for men who are either 40 years old or have crossed that age and who need an exercise routine that their aging bodies can grow healthier with. If done correctly, the regime can balance hormones, burn calories, reduce fat and build muscle for the ideal abs.

According to the health expert, the regime is specifically for men who are always short on time and who have little time to look after themselves resulting in wrinkles, weak bodies, lack of confidence and sagging bodies. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is vital that aging men spend at least 15 minutes a day to exercise and maintain fitness.

On the other hand, most workouts do not work on men who cross this age. For one thing, their hormone levels drop considerably which can cancel out any productive results that can be acquired through regular exercise. This includes testosterone which drives men not only sexually but also fuels them with energy and strength [1]. This crucial hormone also increases muscle strength, libido, lean muscle mouse and regulates moods.

When men age these hormones become scarce in the body which can lead to rapid weight gain especially around the abdomen. They also face difficulty in retaining and gaining muscle mass and can also suffer from bouts of depression on a frequent basis. If those levels are not brought back into balance, it can lead to a number of diseases the main being BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia [2] and even prostate cancer.

How Most Workouts work

The sad reality is that most workouts are not designed to support an aging man’s weakening system. The hormone factor is the key factor when it comes to weight loss and muscle growth in men over 40 who wish to get into the best shape of their lives. In addition, most workouts are too rigorous for aged muscles, bones and bodies to handle.

Certain exercises and movements are not suitable for aching and sensitive joints either. Even though hardcore exercises might seem like a good idea, someone who is over 40 years old will have greater chances of tearing a muscle or ligament due to the strain. More harm than good will come of it.

Aging men need exercises that their fragile bodies can handle and check their egos at the door if they do not want to be bedridden for weeks. In addition, most workouts that are typically meant for younger men are more than an hour long, which is not practical for older men who have families to commit to and 8 hour long jobs to hold. Devoting hours every day for their body is a tall order that few are able to fulfill without help. Their bodies are also incapable of sustaining long periods of training which can lead to injuries and unnecessary stress on already weak joints.

How Abs After 40 Helps

Abs after 40 training is a regime that comprises of a number of exercises that specifically target and support ideal hormone conditions allowing aging men to get in shape. The workout targets a number of different hormones such as testosterone to torch belly fat. The workout promises to:

  • Shrink the waistline
  • Burn hard to remove belly fat
  • Make abs prominent (known as the 6-pack)
  • Overcome injuries

The regime consists of compound exercises that incorporates free weights and targets a number of large muscle groups which is effective in enhancing hormone production. However, since these exercises [3] workout most of the musculature, it can be tough on aging men. They are high impact and can be dangerous if they used long term.

Although Abs over 40 incorporates these exercises, they are safe and easy to perform for men who have passed their 40s. They range from light to major and are easier to maintain than the rigorous workout regimes younger men can manage. Since the exercises target specific areas of the body, the regime effectively burns fat from the entire body for a balanced workout plan. It can be done by anyone at any age and does not need to be supplemented with overlong exercises or strenuous workouts such as cardio. The training is designed to build muscle and abs without the need of overlong exercises, strict diets, gym visits etc. [4]

The workout regime also balances testosterone levels in the body with juices as well as early morning meditation which can be set up easily. This is important because men who are 20 or 30 years of age can make and retain abs easier than those who cross 40 or are 40 years old. This is because of balanced testosterone levels in the body which reduce when the body starts to age. The program also provides a list of ingredients which can boost this hormone and prevent hormonal changes from occurring thus keeping the body looking young at and after 40.

The program consists of three phases that have been designed specifically to target fat and bring hormones into balance once again. Each works systematically to bring the body into a state which can ensure fat burn especially in the abdominal area and increase testosterone levels without harming weak joints, muscles and tendons.

Even though the Abs After 40 workout regime has been quite effective for a number of aging men, it would be wise to consult a medical practitioner or another well known trainer before taking it up. Everybody is different and has different needs. The plan works on two approaches; it balances hormone levels in the body and tones it from the outside. Since the effect is too fold and serious, it would be a better idea to get a complete health check beforehand to see where you stand.

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