Expensive smart drugs vs. cheap off-brands, does it matter?

When you hear the word “drug” you might get shocked for a while, but all drugs are not dangerous for your health. You may not know that there are so many drugs which have been made only for the development of human health.

It has proven that there are few smart drugs which may increase cognitive function up to a high extent. Normally, as you get older, your cognitive function will be gradually decreased. In these days, there is no one who is ready to accept this normal fact and start experimenting with drugs.

Nootropic is one of the most used smart drugs which work as a cognitive booster. Its functions have been proven in various ways. The best nootropics of 2017 are huge in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Now a question may arise in your mind that is it really safe? Is it really a memory enhancer? Let’s have a look at the compositions Nootropic smart drug:

What are Nootropics?

Nootropic is belonging from the smart drug genre which is very popular as cognitive booster, and memory enhancer (1). All the ingredients used to make nootropic drugs can improve memory performance.

These pills are basically steroid and work on human brain very fast. This popular drug contains extracts of various medical plants and various substances obtained from many chemical components. After extracting all the elements, it goes under the process of purification. All the drugs from racetam family are considered as Nootropic smart drugs. Piracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam and aneracetam all are well known as Nootropic. Piracetam was the world’s first Nootropic, which was invented in the year of 1964 by a team of scientists in Belgium and came to the market after passing all the legal formalities. It was the world’s first official nootropic. Piracetam has been popular and widely used from 1964.

Another popular nootropic ingredient is Adrafinil. Check out some adrafinil reviews to see if it would be a good fit for you.

So many researches have completed, and so many are going on. Few studies have proven that nootropic can positively improve human brain function. Moreover, it will help you to improve confidence level, self-esteem, belief in yourself positively. Sometimes doctors suggest nootropic drugs for the betterment of mental health. Alzheimer and dementia are very common in older people.

When hormonal production gets decreased due to age, then these diseases occur. Nootropic is very effective medicine for this kind of health issues. Moreover, it also cures schizophrenia, epilepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. To be more precisely nootropic works positively on the human brain to improve its function. Now you may ask the question how it works. Let’s have a look at its working principles:

How does it work?

What is its function and how it works you can understand from its name? Nous means brain and trepein mean bending. These together have made nootropic.

Nootropic works as an additive of neurochemicals which exists in our brain (2). This chemical may contain various types of things such as enzymes, neurotransmitter, and hormone. They all together help to develop cognitive function. Not only this, but it also improves the blood circulation to the brain and enhances the response process automatically. In this way, nootropic can keep your nerves healthy.

Though there is a mixed response from different studies, it is believed that there is no side effect of using this smart drug. For example, there are so many people who are using this drug from a long time without having any side effects. In this way, nootropic has been providing an excellent result to users without any detrimental effect.

What is the critera of good nootropic?

It is true that all nootropic is not good for health. There are a few criteria which have to meet to be a good nootropic, and they are as follows:

  • A nootropic is good when it can make your brain healthy and keep away from any physical and chemical injuries
  • Nootropic must have the ability to boost cognitive function.
  • A good nootropic must have the ability to enhance human memory, attention, and ability to learn anything
  • The human brain has two major functions such as cortical and subcortical control. A nootropic will be good when it can enhance these two functions in the human brain without any side effect
  • A nootropic must not be toxic. Toxic nature may cause detrimental health issues

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using nootropic:

Benefits of Nootropics:

From above mentioned points, now it is clear that there are various benefits of consuming nootropic daily. Doctors are now suggesting this drug to the patients who have any brain related problem after considering its compositions and benefits (3). Here some benefits are given below:

  • After consuming nootropic your productivity of sense will be definitely improved
  • If you are suffering from insomnia, which has become a very common disease, then nootropic can work like magic. It helps to improve sleep activity.
  • You can get over from depression by consuming nootropic daily
  • Coordination between body and brain will be improved up to great extent
  • You can see a huge improvement in Neuroplasticity
  • It can protect your brain
  • It has no such side effect.
  • Blood supply to the brain can be increased by consuming nootropic.
  • You will have less stress after consuming this smart drug.

By considering all the above-mentioned benefits, it can be said nootropic is a very good drug to develop, mental health. If you are going to choose this smart drug, then be aware of its dose. Take it after consulting with your doctor.

Nootropic is basically a medicine prescribed by a doctor for the patients who are suffering from Alzheimer, dementia, schizophrenia and other mental health related problem. In these days, there are many people including teenagers, are consuming Nootropics illegally. They are getting addicted to it unnecessarily. There are few things which should be followed before to consume this drug, and they are as follows:

  • Age is a crucial factor. People less than 25 years should not consume nootropic
  • It should be consumed by accurate dose prescribed by a doctor
  • It should not be consumed for long. Follow a doctor’s advice

Now it can be concluded that if you have some mental related issue then you can experiment with nootropic otherwise you should not.

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